jersey sizing

Sizing Guide

To ensure proper sizing of our jerseys, please use a t-shirt that currently fits your child well (not too snug or not too loose). Please lay it out on a counter and measure from the inseam of the one armpit to the inseam of the other armpit. Please note the measurement. This measurement corresponds to Length in the table below.

Next, measure from the bottom of the t-shirt to its highest point. Please note that measurement. This measurement corresponds to Width in the table below.

For example, you measure 55cm for Length and 40cm for Width. The jersey to chose would be a Youth Large (YL).

Jersey Length (cm) Width (cm)
YS 55 39.5
YM 59.5 40
YL 61 42
YXL 64 44
AS 71 47
AM 72 48
AL 76 53
AXL 79 56











Please ensure sizing is correct as the sizing chosen at registration is binding.

Why Rockies?


At Calgary Rockies, our mission is to provide every child access to high-quality youth soccer.

We are committed to providing a supportive environment to foster each child’s development and love for the game. We believe in creating well rounded players, by teaching the skills needed to excel today and in the future. This approach should never make soccer financially inaccessible, therefore our pricing is transparent and affordable.


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